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2018-05-23 Maintenance for GDPR compliance is required. The forum will be unavailable for several days. (http://www.klayout.de/forum)
2018-05-06 Many thanks to Kazunari and Thomas for providing MacOS packages for 0.25.3 (http://www.klayout.de/build.html#downloads)
2018-05-05 New Release 0.25.3 with some bug fixes and enhancements. (Release Notes)
2018-03-21 MacOS packages are available for 0.25.2 now. Many thanks to Kazunari and Thomas for debugging, testing and providing the packages (http://www.klayout.de/build.html#downloads)
2018-03-21 Maintenance release 0.25.2 out (Release Notes)
2018-02-25 Kazunari (kazzz) has provided a binary package for MacOS 10.10 and 10.13 based on Qt 5.9. Many thanks to him for providing these. (http://www.klayout.de/build.html#downloads)
2018-02-24 Maintenance release 0.25.1 is available (Release Notes)