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    • CommentAuthorruzzmon
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2018
    Hi all,

    First, this is an excellent tool and I have been using KLayout for years now as a MEMS layout tool. I am now expanding my use by including trace net functionality as well as DRC rule checking and looking forward to implementing these techniques through a technology file next.

    While Trace Net has been working well, I have been having some trouble defining my DRC rules properly especially with respect to rounded shapes. Perhaps I am not fully understanding how some of the DRC functions are implemented so am looking for some advice. For example, if I make the shape shown here: and DRC script as follows:

    report ("DRC Check")
    input(1).width("Metal1_width", "Minimum Metal 1 Width Violations")

    My report database finds 18 errors, all of which are found in the curved part at the two tips on the left and right. I think I should use bbox but I'm not sure if this is the proper way to address the width test. I've seen some references to sizing but I don't understand how that could help in this case.

    Thank you for all your help and apologies if this was answered elsewhere in the forum or documentation!
    • CommentAuthorvikasg
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2018
    Hi ruzzmon. I would be interested in this also. Please see attached discussion for what I was able to determine:
    • CommentAuthorMatthias
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2018

    Hi all,

    for curved structures, the width is probably quite sensitive to rounding issues: depending on the resolution of your curves certain edges or parts of those may have a smaller distance than allowed.

    But to continue this discussion, a picture would be helpful. This forum does not allow attachments, but you can upload a picture to dropbox or any other place and paste the URL here.