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    • CommentAuthorbaworth
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    I have LEF 5.8 which has color data in it for pin and obstruction. Klayout imports the file fine, but the colored information does not show up anywhere. Any way to support this and show the objects as two different layers?

    LAYER M1 ;
    RECT MASK 2 0.094 0.032 0.13 0.208 ;
    LAYER M0 ;
    RECT MASK 2 0.015 0.088 0.321 0.11 ;
    RECT MASK 2 0.183 0.172 0.321 0.194 ;
    • CommentAuthorMatthias
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2018 edited

    Hi baworth,

    currently the color information is parsed but not translated into a layer number. I'm depending on test data for the implementation.

    You can file a feature request for this on GitHub: Please include sample files that cover the use cases of the MASK color specification - for the various places where this is possible. That's not just LEF, DEF also allows colors on routing. So there is need for a DEF sample too. Without a working sample, I can only guess from the documentation.

    I also wonder how the colors need to be represented. Do colors really need to be mapped to different layers or are properties sufficient? For routing connectivity the colors should not matter since the colors only assign them to different masks, not different types of material. So keeping them on different layers is contrary to their physical representation as conductor material. So I'd opt for letting the reader assign a specific user property to the shapes. How about this point of view?

    Kind regards,