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    • CommentAuthortheo_mns
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2017

    I tried to install klayout on fedora 25 and it doesn't start as it needs ruby 2.2 and fedora only provides ruby 2.3 I believe.
    I compiled klayout 0.25 from github and it works.
    I can use the compiled version without any issue, but would it be possible to get a rpm for the latest version of fedora?


    • CommentAuthorMatthias
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2017 edited

    Maybe ... but that's all a lot of effort and I'm tired.

    No offence meant.


    • CommentAuthortheo_mns
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2017
    None taken, I completely understand :)

    Thanks for the hard work!