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    • CommentAuthorgwondaleya
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2017
    Hello Matthias, all

    First, sorry to bugging you with something which is not a bug, but rather an "annoyance".
    Let's me explain the situation (and if it is not clear enough i can provide files)
    Let's assume we create a pcell Mylib1.circle1 from the pcell sample furnished in klayout (the simple circle)
    then create a first library called lib1 with a cell test1, in which you put one instance of the pcell circle1 and one instance of the pcell BASIC.Circle (or polygon or text or wathever available in this BASIC Pcell..)
    Then create a second library (or even a simple gds actually) which use this library lib1. put an instance of this cell lib1.test1 in your gds.
    what you will see is that the BASIC object will still appear as a pcell while the Mylib1.Circle1 will not appear anymore as a pcell but as a simple cell.

    This is not a bug, since back in the library lib1, the Pcell is still here as a PCell, but this can be annoying if, for example, you want to edit locally (at the higher nest level) the pcell (which is a really great function, even if not recommended to use sometimes, but his can help to visualize the modification of a parameter at the highest level of edition)

    • CommentAuthorMatthias
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017

    Hi Joel,

    first, sorry for the late reply.

    Regarding your issue, I need to check that. Basically, custom and BASIC PCells are not treated differently. Maybe there is some confusion that both PCells are called Circle. However, as you rightly stated, that is not a true bug since the only warranty given for libraries is that the library cells are reproduced layout-wise, not composition-wise.

    I'll try to have a look at this, but setting up a testcase will be some effort.

    Kind regards,