Get exception error when delete instance

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Hi @Matthias
I got error message below when I find and delete instance in my layout. I think it may be a bug in tool.

Note: I tried with both old version and newest version.
With regards,


  • Hello dai,

    I would need a minimal test case to reproduce that problem.

    I think that could be a matter of hierarchy. So if you have a cell called "pmos_top" and a subcell called "pmos", both would be deleted. As you have selected "current cell and below", that might remove the parent instance while still working on the children. That might trigger the problem.

    You could try to be more specific, e.g. specify certain names and not wildcards. Or try "all cells" instead of "current cell and below".


  • Hi @Matthias,

    I tried with specify certain name and the result is same. With "all cells" I did not get the message more.
    I sent you the test case by email, please check your email.

    Thank you,

  • Hello @dai,

    thanks for lot for the testcase. In my 0.28.17 I even get a crash :(

    I think that is a delete-while-iterating issue. I need to debug the problem and this will take a little. I have created an issue for this problem: You testcase is not included. I will treat it confidential.

    Thanks and best regards,


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