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Hi Matthias-

I have a bitmapper code that calculates the exact location of certain bit in a memory array, then it puts a marker on this bit.
After placing many of these markers I would like to clean the view from these markers.

What is the best method to do that?

Thanks, Mikamar


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    A marker es removed from the view when the RBA::Marker object is destroyed. Because that is automatically done by the garbage collector, you'll have to keep a marker reference somewhere in your code. You can force a marker to be destroyed by using the "destroy" method of the marker.

    Typically code to create markers looks like this:

    class MyApp
      def create_markers(layout_view)
        @markers = []
        ... create and configure a marker: ...
        marker = RBA::Marker::new(layout_view)
        marker.color = ...
        @markers << marker   # save a reference
      def remove_markers
        # explicitly destroy the markers (don't wait for that to happen in the GC)
        @markers.each do |m|
        @markers = nil

    This code employs a class to wrap all the code of the application. The actual implementation does not matter - the important point is to keep references to the marker objects to protect then from being destroyed by the GC as long as you need them and to explicitly destroy them when the are no longer required.


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