how to enlarge the whole layout

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Hi everyone,

I encount an issue. There is a mask layout but the dimension is 1000X smaller than the real dimension. So, any way I can enlarge every objects to 1000 times big?



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    This sounds like a wrong DBU (database unit), or wrong coordinates units/values.

    Coordinates of GDS file elements are integer numbers, in units of DBU.
    The most common DBU value in IC design is 1nm = 0.001 um = 1e-9 m.
    I.e., if x=30000 in GDS file, with DBU=1nm, x=30000nm=30um.

    Try to save your GDS file into text GDS (specify the name of the file with extension *.txt, in klayout: File->Save As), and check the line UNITS. For DBU=1nm, it should look like this:

    UNITS 0.001 1e-09

    I guess that your GDS file was saved with setting of DBU=1nm - but with coordinates being in um units, rather than nm units.

    Try to generate GDS file correctly - with the proper DBU and proper units of coordinates. If that is not possible - try to change UNITS values manually in the text GDS file, to change the scale - then read this text file back into klayout, and see what happens.

    I have seen a similar issue when I received a GDS file that was saved not from IC design software (Virtuoso, etc.), but from PCB software (Allegro or something like that), and people doing GDS file streamout did not pay attention - the DBU unit was screwed up. Once I pointed this out to them, they quickly generated a correct GDS file.

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    Hi azmaolier,

    If you still need to scale the layout - starting with version 0.23 there is a whole-layout scaling function in edit mode: "Edit/Layout/Scale".

    And if you want to change database units you do so with "File/Layout Properties".


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    Thank you guys! Very helpful!

    Merry Christmas!!!
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    Thanks Matthias, works smmoooth :)
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