Scaling by factor of 0.028

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Hi Matthias-

I have a device layout which was drawn in a 0.028 scaling.
So dimensions in the layout are much larger that on device.
I wanted to give users a new gds file with 1:1 ratio between gds to device.
So I scaled the device by 0.028 (Layout->scale->0.028). But I got in some places holes and displacements and the new gds is not like the one before scaling.

It did not happen when i scaled by 0.05
Also did not happen whe i scale by 0.28

Regards, Itamar


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    Hi Itamar,

    maybe the database unit is too big to accommodate a layout with smaller scaling?

    Scaling won't change the database unit, which is a fundamental layout unit. So if for example, you scale down a line with width 1 um with a factor of 0.028 you should receive a 28 nm line. But if the database unit is 10 nm, the line width will be 20 or 30 nm depending on the snapping direction. A solution is to use smaller database unit, i.e. 1 nm in the previous example.

    Could you check that?


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    Hi Matthias-

    The database is of 20nm technology and the database unit is defined as 0.001um, so I don't understand why there should be an issue.

    But anyway, changing the databse unit to 0.0001um before the sacaling seems to have solved the issue.

    Thanks much, Itamar
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    Hi Itamar,

    what grid is the original layout drawn on? If the layout is on a 100nm grid originally for example, then you'll need 0.1nm database unit because 100nm will scale down to 2.8nm which needs 0.1nm for exact representation.


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