Alpha/numeric for Kayout

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Is there a Alpha/numeric function in Klayout?


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    what exactly do you mean with that function? A function to create text fields?


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    Can I add text or numbers in layout, so I do not have to manually draw the letters or numbers.
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    Hi sedborg,

    such a function is on my todo list since some time now. However, I felt that there are a couple of constraints that complicate the choice of the character pattern (angle constraints, design rules, grids and similar).

    So far, my recommendation is to create a set of cells containing one letter each and placing the cells to create a text field. I agree that is not as convenient as having a built-in function but is the most flexible way and offers the maximum flexibility. You can put the character cells in a separate GDS file and use copy & paste to place the cells into your target layout.

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