External control of the view position and magnification

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I'm new to KLayout, and have used it only for simple viewing of GDS and OAS files prepared by others. I'm wondering if it's possible through scripting, etc. to create external hooks that would let me specify the location and magnification of the program's display window.

Essentially, I would like to integrate this with a microscope that is looking at a physical object, while simultaneously navigating the GDS with KLayout. Sending commands to KLayout, telling it to move the KLayout display to center on position (x,y) and set the width to X microns, would be ideal.

Thanks for your great program.


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    Hi Ken,

    that is basically possible - you can navigate the view window by script. It's even possible to overlay images with a script, so you could implement a feature where you take snaps and place them over the layout.

    You're not the first to ask for that. There have been other people who tried the same (whether successful or not, I can't tell).

    The tricky part is usually the communication with the microscope. There are numerous ways of integrating KLayout with some microscope controller. Without knowledge about the nature of your controller API however, I can't give much more advice regarding that topic.


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