how to run klayout using winexe on a windows machine

so I can get klayout to run, but I get error and it appears that the processing stops (cpu usage goes from 50% to 0 and stays there for 5 minutes and process never ends, I have to kill the process), ie my bat file does not load the gds file nor does it execute my lydrc file. it does fine from a dos prompt in windows on the machine but refuses to fully execute from winexe. I know it would be best to install klayout on my Linux station but they are stating the machine is taxed already and do not want to do that.
klayout is 32 bit if that helps any

bat file
@echo off
"C:\Program Files\KLayout\klayout_app.exe" -e "22324171.gds" -r "22324171.lydrc"

winexe call
winexe --system -U xyz/user%passwd //ipaddress 'cmd /C pushd \unixpath\DRCs_for_CD & 22324171.bat'

ERROR messages (times 2. 2 messages appear)
setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 549x334+238+217 on QWidgetWindow/'TipDialogWindow'. Resulting geometry: 549x374+238+217 (frame: 8, 30, 8, 8, custom margin: 0, 0, 0, 0, minimum size: 549x244, maximum size: 16777215x16777215).


  • Hi John,

    does winexe allow running windows GUI applications? It looks like the application cannot find a screen. Windows is not like Linux and cannot send the screen to your client from a remote host. And you should not use "-e", if you just want to display the layout.

    What does "taxed" mean? You mean loaded? Usually Linux a far less demanding with respect to resources, so I wonder why running on Windows is better.


  • Hi John, if your time is valuable the fastest way to get results is to buy a $200-400 lease return workstation on ebay, install Ubuntu 18.04, and run KLayout there. This is what I have been doing for my home computing for years. You can search for "Dell Precision T3600" (I wanted an NVidia graphics card, they are much better on Linux than alternatives, and I need Windows dual boot for TurboTax). For what it's worth, I have done a large set of test structures (33MB OASIS) with Pycharm/Python 3.6/KLayout and it runs very well on my Windows 10 laptop (Dell E5450) with the instructions Matthias has provided for Windows, and of course on our RHEL server farm. I would stay clear of 32-bit anything. In my experience with open source software, it is best to solidly stay in the mainstream for hardware (engineering workstations are very balanced systems). I bought a Core 2 Duo Dell W/S 10 years ago and still use it daily with Ubuntu 18.04.

  • thanks for the info:
    so updates that were done to get it to work
    I changed the bat command to be
    SET mypath=%cd%
    "C:\Program Files\KLayout\klayout_app.exe" -b "%mypath%\22324171.gds" -r "%mypath%\22324171.lydrc"
    going to batch mode helped.

    also had to get admin privileges to run winexesvc on the windows side, then found out winexesvc command did not exist on the windows machine. installed that and it now works.

    as far as the Linux machine I have no control over what we will do for machines or what goes on it. I would hope for someday in the future there is an upgrade in both memory and cpu, but for now I can only do what they allow me.

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