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Is there a way to group technologies in the menu item? I have serveral packages wich contain serveral technology files for each package. In that way my menu list explodes and I would like to group these technology files by the package. Means a nested menu for each package which contain the specific technology items.

Is it possible to do it with an additional python/ruby script or is this not implemented in general?


  • No, I'm sorry - there is no such way right now.

    I imagine this could be implemented by using a special notation in the technology description such as "Group title\tTechnology description" ("\t" = Tab character).

    I just don't know which side effects this will have.


  • Hi Matthias,

    Maybe another idea could be to include a new tag in the *.lyt file?

    <groupname>group title</groupname>

    The tag could group them in the menu and maybe in the technology manager as nested list as well. I do not know what would happen with your proposal in terms of backwards compatibility with previous klayout versions, but it would be okay for me too.

  • Might be a solution too ... I need to investigate the options.

    I have create a ticket for this:

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Matthias,

    Awesome :smile: , I read the comment of your commit. The solution sounds better than what we written above :wink:

    Many thanks for including.

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