Adding options to DRC width check

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I would like to experiment with the options on the DRC width check, but when I follow the directions I get a run error.

Manual version - layer.width(value [, options])

My attempt -
FCT1 = input(46,0)
FCT1.width(22.micron [, square]).output(300, 0)

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,
Ken Shaw


  • You can try :

    FCT1 = input(46,0)
    FCT1.width(, euclidian).output("FCT.width", "Min FCT1 width : 22 micron")


  • Maybe, you also have to add this line at the top :

    report("sample DRC runset", File.join(File.dirname(RBA::CellView::active.filename), "sample.txt"))


  • and omit the square brackets :)

    They are there for indicating that this specification is optional.


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