Error message after cell.insert()

Hi Matthias,
I met the below error message after use cell.insert() :
Do you have any idea on it? Thanks
where cell_index is ; trans is ; xpos,ypos are ; numX,numY are

inst2 = pya.DCellInstArray(cell_index,trans,pya.DVector(xpos,0),pya.DVector(0,ypos),numX,numY)


  • Hello, you may get topological_sort error if you have an inconsistent hierarchy. Let's say you made cell with index 1(cell-1) a parent of cell with index 2 (cell-2), and after that if you are trying to make cell-2 also a parent of cell-1 you may get topologica error.
    Make sure that inst2 is not parent of cell.

    PS: I am not an expert, this is my guess based on my experience.

  • @Ege_Bey Thanks for the post - this is actually correct.

    "Topological sort not true" errors happen when the hierarchy is recursive (infinite). Such a hierarchy is not permitted.

    I admit the wording can be improved.



  • Got it. Thanks Ege_Bey & Matthias's comment.

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