Cells instances are not visible in DEF

Hi, @Matthias !
I'm trying to load DEF that uses standard cells from LEF.
I loaded both of them, but I see only standard cells routing defined in DEF, but there are no instantiated cells from LEF.
Separate import of LEF file with standard cells is successful. I can see every cell content.
What can be a problem?


  • @stolbikov Please check if your DEF file contains FOREIGN statements. In this case, you may want to use the "Always produce LEF geometry" option for "LEF macro geometry" in File/Reader Options, LEF/DEF page, LEF+Macro Files sub-page:


  • @Matthias Thank you very much!
    My LEF file has FOREIGN, not DEF. But your proposal helped!
    I don't clearly understand what this option about :smile:

  • @stolbikov You're right. The option is in LEF, not in DEF.

    Anyway, the option means to take the geometry from LEF. FOREIGN usually implies that there is an external source of layouts for the macro cells (typically GDS). Hence in the default setup, KLayout will ignore the LEF geometry when FOREIGN is present.


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