Klayout 0.28 was crashed when click on "Netlist Database Browser"

Hi @Matthias ,
I run LVS on Klayout 0.28(64bit window). After result show on the "Netlist Database Browser" i click like following picture and get crash without any warning.
BTW, How can i use "schematic" tab and "Log" tab?. Nothing showed in two the tab after run lvs.

Thank you,


  • "Schematic" should show the schematic netlist you loaded into LVS. Here is an example:

    So if your "schematic" is empty, this means no schematic has been loaded. Could you check - maybe there is something wrong there? Maybe that is reason for the crash. At least I know where to look in this case.

    "Log" is supposed to show some hints the LVS gives to further describe potential fixes. If this log is empty, that is also not a good sign.

    Kind regards,


  • After some trying I can reproduce the problem :(

    Sadly I just release 0.28.1. But maybe that is going to be a very quick 0.28.2 ...


  • ... and found and fixed the issue.

    That was a side effect of the memory optimization for DRC I did not have on my plate.

    I'll dispatch a 0.28.2 now. Will be released tomorrow. Quickest hotfix so far :)


  • hi @Matthias
    it is working now.

    Thank you very much,@Matthias. :)


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