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  • Hi Matthias, There is a file ," .profile", like Unix for setting environment variables, but I think it works if I run a software from terminal, not GUI, but fortunately as you mentioned I can add the rbm files in installation directory. Th…
  • Hi Matthias, How can I set the KLAYOUT_PATH in Mac OS? In .profile file? Thanks, Geev
  • Thank you Matthias, The reason I tried Qt5 was because I was hoping to build the app for apple retina display screen. In current version of KLayout some of the menus are a bit blurred and hard to read. Thank you again for your comments.
  • An Update: Hi Matthias, I tried to build KLayout in MacOS 10.9. First I modified as you suggested. Then I modified the build script as: ./ -platform mac-leopard-gcc-release \ -qtbin /Users/geevy/Qt5.2.0/5.2.0/clang_64/bi…
  • Hi Matthias, I think I found What the issue was. AutoCAD saves last viewing window when it saves the file and opens it at exact same view. But apparently the DXF file saved by KLayout does not have that information and AutoCAd opens the file while t…
  • Hi Matthias, I have a MacOS 10.9 system, and I have both XCode and Qt 5.2.0 (Clang 4.2 (Apple), 64 bit) installed. Would you please help me to build KLayout on my system? Thanks, Geev
  • An Update! I could open the DXF file in SolidWorks, and save it again, and the it was opened in AutoCAD. Regards, Geev
  • Hi, I have some problem with converting to dxf file. I cannot open the DXF file in AutoCAD. First I did Selection>Merge Shapes Then I saved the GDS file with about 2000 vertices Then I saved it and opened it in AutoCAD. The file has a layer nam…