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  • @Matthias I'd like to report a possible bug in KLayout 0.28.13. I am not sure if it is related to my version, but I tried it on version 0.28.5 and it works fine. The problem occurs when I try to move an object with the Movements setting in Diagonal …
  • @Matthias It works on my device too. Thanks.
  • Thank you, @RawrRanger and @Matthias.
  • Thank you @tomas2004
  • Thank you @Matthias and @tomas2004. I used layers["layer"].drc(width(projection) < min_via_width).output("Error: Width violations on via layer") And actually I used second method also to check the via layer is circle. Thanks…
  • Regarding your inquiry: I can make the via bigger and increase the unbreakable rule part for it, but the pink section which shows the error remains. The error doesn’t depend on the circle’s size. For your second inquiry, they do accept the non-sta…
  • Thank you @Matthias. By changing autorun-early to autorun, the problem has been solved.
  • @dick_freebird: I have several folders inside ./klayout/pymacros but there are several files too. None of them is run at the start-up. It doesn't matter if I put them in ./klayout. They are not running. However, when I put them in ./klayout director…
  • @Matthias : You are right: Python codes for Pcells (that work perfectly in klayout Windows os version) is not running at the startup in klayout Ubuntu version. By running ("klayout -d 31 ..") I get errors which I attached to this comment.…
  • @Matthias The problem is not in Windows. As I told @dick_freebird I don't have any problem in Windows. But in Ubuntu, my codes are in the .klayout but still are not available in the libraries.
  • @dick_freebird Actually, I have a lot of codes. Codes that should be visible in menu is working correctly and are shown inside Macros' menu. But Codes that must show in the Libraries are not showed and I have to run them manually. I don't have this…
  • Hi @Matthias, In fact, all of the codes are inside "pymacros" folder inside .klayout. But Klayout still not running my python codes. I need to run them manually.
  • Hi Matthias, I tried to figure out this code but since I am a noobie I couldn't. It would be easier if I have an example of Python. Let's assume that I have a Pcell named "Transistor" in a Library called "Test_Lib" which has 4 v…
  • Yes, my transistors are Pcells. I want to use a script to call-back (use) several Pcell transistor topologies, and change their parameters, and put them in an array of transistors.
  • Thank you Matthias, I have one more question: I have a "pya.Region" which I want to rotate 90 degrees. I know that it can rotate by "transform" but I don't know how I can use this code.
  • Yes, but in Python, not in Ruby. By putting Raise, the error message is not shown.