KLayout - Your Mask Layout Friend


Fast and accurate viewing of huge layout files


Draw, modify and transform hierarchical layout


Script layout generators, PCells and layout transformation tools


Search, verify, measure layout and code analysis scripts


Recent Events

2021-05-02 Many thank to kazzz as usual! (Downloads)
2021-05-01 Finally 0.27 has happened after a looong period of evolution. For those who are conservative, the 0.26.12 release is the most recent stable one. (Downloads)
2021-04-27 A new maintenance release 0.26.12 is out. It's the stable one before the 0.27 which comes soon. (Downloads)
2021-03-06 MacOS DMGs for 0.26.11. Thanks a lot to kazzz for providing 14(!) different variants of MacOS builds. (Downloads)
2021-03-02 New maintenance version 0.26.11 is released. A few bugs are fixed and "QUiLoader" is included in the Qt binding. (Downloads)
2021-02-07 MacOS DMGs for 0.26.10 available (including BigSur). Kudos to kazzz for providing these. (Downloads)
2021-02-03 New maintenance version 0.26.10 is released. There is "safe save" now and the Windows version now includes pandas and typing Python modules. (Downloads)
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