KLayout - Your Mask Layout Friend


Fast and accurate viewing of huge layout files


Draw, modify and transform hierarchical layout


Script layout generators, PCells and layout transformation tools


Search, verify, measure layout and code analysis scripts


Recent Events

2020-09-22 As so many times before kazzz has submitted DMGs for MacOS. Thanks a lot! (Downloads)
2020-09-20 A new maintenance release is there. A few issues have been fixed plus there is one feature for scripting multi-cell layout-to-layout copies. (Release notes)
2020-07-12 kazzz has provided new DMGs for MacOS - thanks a lot! This is an important release for MacOS users as several MacOS-related bugs are fixed. (Downloads)
2020-07-07 Maintenance release 0.26.7 is out. We did a lot for better support of MacOS here. (Release notes)
2020-06-11 Again, MacOS packages are provided by kazzz. Many thanks. (Downloads)
2020-06-06 I have patched 0.26.6 to remove the segfault. The correct version in "Help/About" is "0.26.6 re71c0dcb". (Release notes)
2020-06-06 The 0.26.6 release needs a small patch to avoid a segfault. The download section will be updated soon. (https://www.klayout.de/)
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