Planning FSiC 2022 Conference in Paris

We're planning again! If the situation allows, FSiC 2022 will take place July 7-9 2022 in Paris. Visit us at

KLayout - Your Mask Layout Friend


Fast and accurate viewing of huge layout files


Draw, modify and transform hierarchical layout


Script layout generators, PCells and layout transformation tools


Search, verify, measure layout and code analysis scripts


Recent Events

2022-06-07 Binaries made available by faithful @kazzz. Thanks a lot! (Downloads)
2022-06-05 A minor release with a few updates is available (Release notes)
2022-05-03 MacOS binaries available for 0.27.9 - thank you, @kazzz (Downloads)
2022-04-24 A new minor release is available - now with PDF documentation here: (Release notes)
2022-02-18 kazzz has provided the DMGs for 0.27.8. Many thanks as usual! (Downloads)
2022-02-14 A new maintenance release is available (Release notes)
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