Thanks to all the users sending me bug reports and spending a lot of time testing the software and reproducing bugs and helping with the releases.

Thanks for the numerous test cases I received and which I could hardly unearth myself. I know how painful it is to strip every trace of intellectual property. Development would be impossible without that effort.

And finally: thanks for not stopping to bug me ... :-)


KLayout won't be there if there was not a basis I could build upon. I have some companions and it's time to mention them here ...


The ultimate framework. Portable, comprehensible, fast, complete, ... There is little you will miss and much to discover. Dedicated to open source development, extensibility and in many ways a reference for coding quality. My reliable companion for more than a decade now. A+ rating, at least.


Lightweight, fast and complete issue tracking, Wiki collaboration platform and lean project management. Perfect integration with Subversion. My faithful tracker since many years. What else do you need?


I've tried them all: Visual Studio, Eclipse and all the others. VIM looks like last century, but I'm missing something without it. Maybe the busy sound of little beeps? Or the fingers gliding smoothly over the keyboard, knowing every key has at least a second purpose? /this[Esc]cwsomethingelse[Esc]n.n.n.n. ... don't care about the mouse or the RSI syndrome.

Love it or hate it. I'll choose the first.


No more hacking Perl, no more cursing Tcl ... just the language you need. Almost a Zen experience. Consistent, lean, simple. A gem among the scripting languages and truly the programmer's best friend.


Yes, I know, there is the great other tool. But what if I'm not a whole community? I'll just stay with subversion - lean, simple and stable. Never had a fail in ten years and well, it's okay I can't delete anything.


Great tool and fun to work with. Without it, SVG would be a scary thing.


Definitely essential. Memory checker, performance analyzer, debugger ... one tool for all and no rebuilding. Amazing tool which helped me out of trouble in more than one case. Any have a look at KCachegrind for an amazing experience of performance analysis.


Commerical tool with a heart for open source projects. They provide access to their static code analysis engine for registered open source projects. Amazingly powerful, C++ aware and easy to use.


Powers the forum on the web site. Super easy to install, simple administration and customizable to every degree - if you like CSS and PHP.

And many more ...

The GNU toolchain, GIMP, TurtoiseSVN and all those other little and big helpers. Too many to mention and every one an adorable piece of software.