Adding Images

For some applications it is necessary to show flat pixel data together with the layout. That can either be a SEM image taken or some output of a simulation tool. KLayout provides a way to add images to the display and show them below the drawn layout.

Currently, images can be read from any commonly used image format available in Qt (i.e. PNG, JPG, TIF ...). Color and monochrome images are supported. Internally an image is stored as a matrix of float values and it is possible to write custom importers using RBA.

To add an image, use the "Add Image" function from the "Edit" menu. An image property dialog will appear where the image can be specified. Choose an image using the "Browse" button next to the file name box.

An image has a variety of properties which mainly affect the way it is displayed:

Once an image is placed, it can be moved and resized using the "Move" function. The images properties can be adjusted using the "Properties" function from the Edit menu or double-clicking at the image.

With KLayout 0.22, it is possible to define landmarks which can be set at arbitrary positions in the image and aligned with corresponding layout features by dragging them to the desired target location. See Using Landmarks To Align Images for details.

An arbitrary number of images can be placed on the layout view. To store the setup, save the session using the "File/Save Session" function.