Using Multiple Layer Setups With Tabs

With version 0.21, a new feature was introduced. Using tabs in the layer panel it is very simple to switch between different setups.

A layer tab can be created by choosing "New Tab" from the "Tabs" submenu in the layer panel's context menu (right mouse button click). A new tab will appear at the top of the layer properties panel. Initially this tab will be a copy of the current setup. Any edits on the layer properties will apply to this tab only. When switching to a different tab, the layout view will reflect the new tab's settings. That way, different setups can be prepared and easily exchanged.

When the layer properties are saved, the layer properties file will contain all tabs. Thus, a multi-page setup can easily be stored and retrieved.

The initial title of the tab will be the tab number. The title can be set with the "Rename Tab" function in the "Tabs" submenu of the layer panel's context menu. To remove a tab, choose "Remove Tab".