The Library View

Beside the cell list, a library view is provided as a support view for the layout panel. This sub-panel displays the libraries available and allows browsing the cells and PCells inside a library.

By default, the library view is shown below the cell tree. You can rearrange the views by dragging them at their title bar and docking them in other places of the main window. To reset the window arrangement to the default configuration, use "Restore Window" from the "View" menu.

The library view shows the cells and PCells of one library. To select a library, choose it from the selection box at the top of the library view.

PCells are shown with a small "gear" icon in the library view. If PCells are instantiated, the variants in use are shown as entries below the PCell entry.

In edit mode, cells can conveniently be placed by dragging them from the library view to the layout canvas. If a PCell variant is dragged, another instance of this PCell variant is created. If a PCell master is dragged, KLayout will pop up the PCell parameter definition dialog on drop.