Moving The Selection

The whole selection can be moved in "Move" mode. If some elements are already selected, choose "Move" mode and select a reference point by left-clicking at the position. The reference point will be used as the "dragging handle" - each element is moved relative to this position. In no elements are selected when entering move mode, simply click at the element to move and place it somewhere else with a left mouse click.

While moving, the whole selection can be rotated by 90 degree counterclockwise with a right mouse button click. The ESC key will cancel the operation.

For movements, the movement direction constraint apply. See Basic Editor Options for details about the modes available. For example, in manhattan mode, only horizontal and vertical movements are allowed. The global movement constraint can be overridden by pressing Shift (orthogonal), Ctrl (diagonal) or both Shift and Ctrl (any angle) while moving the mouse.

If a move distance and direction is known numerically, "Move By" from the "Edit/Selection" menu can be used. A dialog will open that allows specification of the horizontal and vertical move distance in micrometers. Positive values move to the top or right and negative ones to the bottom or left. This dialog also applies to partial mode, so that edges or parts of a layout can be moved precisely by a certain distance in a certain direction.

In the same way, "Move To" allows one to reposition the selection to a certain point. The point which is positioned can be chosen relative to the bounding box of the selection. If first example, the lower-left corner of the selection is picked as the reference point and a certain position is given in the dialog, the selection is moved such that the lower left position of its bounding box will match the given coordinate.