More Configuration Options

The option dialog available with the "Setup" function from the "File" menu offers numerous configuration options from background to rulers configuration.

In this dialog for example, the color palette can be edited, so that different colors are available or the stipple palette can be configured. In addition, it is possible to define the order how these colors or stipples are assigned to layers initially and which colors are not used for layer coloring.

A particular useful feature is the oversampling scheme. Oversampling is provided as an option to enhance the image quality. The image is rendered at a higher resolution and then downsampled to the screen resolution. In effect, lines appear thinner and more details can be resolved. As a negative side effect currently the stipple pattern becomes finer and the crosses in marker mode are smaller. On the other hand the resolution effect can be quite impressive.

Oversampling can be enabled on the "Display/General" page in the setup dialog. 2x and 3x oversampling is provided. The following screenshots illustrate the effect of oversampling:

Normal (1x)

2x oversampling

3x oversampling