Script Examples Overview

The examples are available as package "" for installation with the package manager. Please use "Tools/Package Manager" and search this package in the list of new packages. Double click the package to select it and hit "Apply" to download and install it. All examples will be contained in this package.

To install a script individually, drag and drop the macro link (*.lym file) to KLayout's main window. If this is not possible - for example, because your KLayout instance does not have a network connection - download this file and put it into the "macros" folder of KLayout's home directory (usuall $HOME/.klayout/macros on Linux and %HOME%/KLayout/macros on Windows. After restarting KLayout, you should see the new example in the macro development IDE.

All example scripts will register themselves in the "Macros" menu in the "Examples" sub-menu.

For more information about script programming see Programming scripts. For the class reference see the Class Index.

List of Example Scripts

browser.lymUsing the HTML browser dialog - a location browser
datamap.lymCreating layouts: data visualisation
dump_menu.lymMenus: dumping the menu structure
flatten.lymEditing: hierarchical propagation
fractal.lymCreating layouts: the Koch curve
qtdialog.lymUsing the Qt binding: creating a custom dialog
qtrubyserver.lymUsing the Qt binding: convert KLayout into a HTTP server
screenshots.lymUsing the HTML browser dialog II: a screenshot gallery
sokoban.lymDynamic database manipulation: a "Sokoban" implementation