How can I move entire an entire layer layout into another layer?

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I have a large design consisting of thousands of components and I made it in two layers: layer 2 having texts(that need to be fabricated) and layer 1 having other structures.
for the classifications of layout, I made several cells. But now, I need to move all the text from layer 2 to layer 1 as all need to be fabricated. But since I have many cells, it will take too much time to do the "selection -> change layer" option.
So, is there any way of doing this?
I just want all my texts (from layer 2) in layer1 without changing any components in layer 1.

Can someone guide me in solving this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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    There are a few ways

    One way is:

    • Right click layer 1 in the layers list, Hide.
    • Make sure you are viewing the top cell, and press F2 to see all of it. Also press asterisk to show full hierarchy.
    • F3 > Select top level objects only: No (false).
    • Edit > Select > Select all
    • Click on layer 1 in the layers list. Edit > Selection > Change layer
    • Right click layer 1 in the layers list, Show
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    Thank You for your reply.
    But, I am trying to move texts (Instance -> Basic Library -> Text) to main layout layer. So when I tried the way you explained, a message popped up saying "Nothing selected to switch layer for", although all the texts are selected.
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    These texts are not plain shapes, those are PCells. PCells are "parametrized cells" which are normal cells that can be configured by providing parameters and an algorithm which produces the layout for the cell. In the case of the TEXT PCell, one parameter is the layer the text is painted on.

    Actually, allowing "change layer" on PCell's is a nice suggestion which I have not thought of yet ... but right now, you need to change the "Layer" parameter of the PCell. Double-click the text PCell, pick the "PCell parameters" tab and set the "Layer" parameter to the new layer you want to use.



    @David - many thanks to you for taking care of many other forum questions. I'm a bit busy currently so I don't have a lot of time to snoop around the forum. I'm very happy to see things are going on here with your support :-)

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    Thank you @Mathhias!
    I also think being able to change layer in PCell can ease many other design issues.
    And Thanks once again @David. Your suggestion really helped. Although I tweaked your idea a little bit, it was useful.
    Since I had more than 1000 texts, changing each of them one by one was cumbersome. So I used your technique and moved all the layout to the layer having text. And changed the layer properties after that.

    Thank you all for prompt response always so that a novice like me could learn very fast and get some results.
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