(0.25) Editor Options Window does not accept Ok button (and other bugs)

edited February 2018 in KLayout Support
I have found, with my Windows 10 installation of KLayout 0.25, that any changes I make in the Object Editor Options window are not saved when I press the "Ok" button (or press enter). It has the same effect as pressing "Cancel" or "Esc". The only way I can save changes in either tab of this window is by pressing the "Apply" button, at which point the distinction between "Ok" and "Cancel" is meaningless. I do not have this issue in any of my other commonly used windows.

Also, there seems to be a graphical glitch when I press "Esc" while using any of the various drawing modes. The effect is to reset the mode back to "Select", but the program continues to show that the previous mode is still active (for example, pressing "Esc" while in Box mode will cause the cursor to select instead of draw, but the Box button in the Toolbar is still highlighted.

Finally, for your information, deselecting the Toolbar via the right-click menu on the Toolbar (to make it disappear) doesn't deselect it in the View menu. In order to make the Toolbar reappear, I have to deselect it in the View menu (no visual changes), then re-select it once the view menu agrees with the right-click menu.

I don't know if these issues are limited to my installation, but the first one is hampering my willingness to update from version 0.24. I would appreciate any help on the matter.


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