How to get DRC macro and script working?

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Pardon me to start this basic thread. I just begin to learn Python scripting and DRC scripting in Klayout. (Ruby isn't available in my work Linux environment.) With access to klayout version 0.24.10 with Python support, first trial 'klayout -b -r' completed fine. However, I can't get a simple DRC script working. In Macro Development window, under DRC tab, I can't start a new DRC macro because clicking on 'new' button doesn't create a new file. And running "klayout -b -r test.drc" gives me an error "*** ERROR: Unable to determine format for file from suffix test.drc". It feels to me that DRC script/macro isn't supported. I wonder how to enable DRC script/macro. Does it require re-compiling klayout with DRC support?

res = input(85,0) & input(86,20)

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Frank,

    sorry if I haven't mentioned this: DRC requires Ruby support because the DRC language essentially is Ruby.

    If you don't have Ruby, it should be easy to install. Any package delivering a version 1.9 to 2.x should do. But you need sudo ability.

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