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I am wondering if there is a function to group a selection prior to align it with a third part. To be more explicit, I have an array of instantiated cells. I would like to align them in the center of a circle. But if I select the circle and all the cells, and apply Selection -> Align, the cells place one on top of each other at the center of the circle.
I would not want to calculate the coordinates and use the function Move to (or move by), it would be great if I could first "group" my selection and then align this group with something else. It is a common function in vector graphic editors, and it will be very useful if such a tool was available in KLayout. Maybe I am not looking at the right place.

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    In KLayout (and other layout software) the feature you want is to make a "cell". Select objects (shapes or other cells), Edit > Selection > Make cell.

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