Save DRC result issue

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When I run my DRC script, I always have the line to save the result :

report("MYTECH DRC runset", "MYTECH_DRC.txt")

But, it very often does not save anything and I don't get any DRC result, but the message :

Unable to open file: MYTECH_DRC.txt (errno=13) in ReportDatabase::save in MacroInterpreter::execute
    :/built-in-macros/drc.lym:4534:in `save'
    :/built-in-macros/drc.lym:4534:in `_finish'
    :/built-in-macros/drc_interpreters.lym:29:in `execute_drc'
    :/built-in-macros/drc_interpreters.lym:67:in `execute'

What is the trick to avoid that message ?

Thank you, BRgds,



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    Hi Laurent,

    "errno=13" means "permission denied". So either the directory you're writing to does not have write permissions or the file is already there and owned by someone else.

    That's an error issued by the operating system. Maybe you can give a full path to the output file - this will avoid that you write to an unknown directory.

    Kind regards,


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    Thank you, I use a full path and it works fine... I need to change it depending on the circuit.

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    Hi Laurent,

    there are ways to use the path of the layout you have loaded, for example

    report("My DRC", File.join(File.dirname(RBA::CellView::active.filename), "MyDRC.txt"))

    will use the path of the currently loaded file as the base path and write "MyDRC.txt" next to the original file.


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