Remove shortcut for "save as new top"

I would like to use the shortcut "ctrl+s" for "save", but it is already taken by "show as new top" and I don't manage to remove the shortcut from it. How can I remove the shortcut for "show as new top" ? I think this should be possible but when I click the little cross for deleting the shortcut, "Ctrl+S" remains in the box...
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  • Hi Olivier,

    normally, it should be possible to delete a shortcut by giving the corresponding menu an empty string. But if the shortcut is assigned by a different method (like through a macro), you can only override but not delete it. You can tell this is the case if the shortcut is shown in grey.

    Maybe that's the case for you. In this case, please try to assign anything else to it.



  • Thank you for your answer. Yes, the shorcut was grey in my case, so I assigned another shortcut.

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