Problem with fonts. Bug?


I recently learned how to build and use a custom font thanks to the documentation page:

I created a font called "MY_FONT" (in file "my_font.gds") and I used it successfully in a test file ("font_test.gds"). This means that I could insert a PCell, choose my custom font from the menu, and see that the graphic display is indeed using MY_FONT, because it is clearly different from the standard font. This worked as expected.


  • When I reopen the file, the font is back to the standard font!
  • The PCell parameter "Font" still indicates "MY_FONT", but it is not using that font. It uses instead the standard font.

This looks like a bug, can you test or tell what it wrong?

Best regards,

Olivier (Klayout version 0.25.3)


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