Bug in the new version of Klayout in technologies?

I don't know but in the previous versions I don't have this problem. I find it when my different technology files doesn't work properly and don't read the folders of DRC and ruby files.
Firstly, I open Klayout and create a technology in manager technologies, and I create a drc folder and macro folder and save it. Secondly, I close Klayout and reopen and in the ruby section of the technology created I find the next Note:
" this page is empty, because the macro location is shared by a dfferent macro site (specifically "Technology (technology_name)"). Such a site cannot be made technology specific. Choose a base path that points to a different location".
I try to change the base path and also the original path to see if the error is fixed.
I have seen that in the macro development window I can see the folders and the files inside this but Klayout run all the files inside the technologies at the same time (showing the different executable in menu)

Does anyone have the same error or fix it?

Thanks and regards


  • Hi,

    thanks for reporting this.

    I can reproduce it, but the only bad effects seems to be that the macros/DRC are not visible in the technology manager. In the macro editor, the macro and DRC locations appear below "Technology xzy ...".

    It also looks as if DRC and macros are not shown/hidden depending on the current technology.

    That's both something I will look into. But I'm a bit short of time right now.

    Kind regards


  • Hi mathias,

    Thank you very much! You are the best!



  • Thanks :-)

    There is a ticket now for this on GitHub: https://github.com/klayoutmatthias/klayout/issues/159.

    I'll keep you updated there.


  • Thanks matthias!


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