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Making Pcells with multiple subcells

Hi Matthias,

I want to make a Pcell consist of multiple subcells. E.g., I already have Pcells for component A, and B. Now I want to make a Pcell C, which includes 4 components A and 2 component B. For the 4 A, I want two A in the original orientation and , two A mirrored at x-axis.

In my script to make Pcell C, can I add A and B as subcells with the control for coordinates, rotations, mirror, etc?


  • Hi Oscar,

    this question has been asked a couple of times before. It's actually possible, but my view is that is PCell is basically just a piece of code to be called and instantiating a PCell is just a very complicated way to call a function that generates layout.

    So given a modular architecture of your PCells, it should be possible to set this up in a way, that your parent PCell calls the generation code of the child PCell rather than instantiating the cell.

    But it's basically up to you. If you need some information about how to proceed, here are some related discussions:


  • Thanks Matthias. The first link is very useful to me. Actually I am Lukas's former student.

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