Having circle snap to grid with Round Corners tool


I recently changed the default grid from 0.001µm to 0.05µm. I have to draw circles (32-sided polygon) and I am using the "Square with Round Corners" method. My problem is that the calculated vertices do not snap on the new grid, they currently have a resolution of 0.001µm. Can I force the polygon's vertices on my custom grid and/or force the Round Corners function to round the coordinates of each vertices to the grid ?

Thank you for the help!


  • Hi,

    the snap grid is for drawing - computed shapes currently use the database unit.

    An easy way to achieve hard grid snapping is to change the database unit: use "save as" and enter a database unit of 0.05 instead of 0.001. But note that by doing so, everything in your layout will be made compliant with this grid: instance displacements, path widths etc. This may result in substantial modifications if your layout wasn't compatible with this grid yet.


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