pymod install

Hi All, I have downloaded the pymod branch from the repo and can build the binary and the KLayout Python module (on RHEL 6). My Python is in a non-standard location (I compiled it myself). After I build the binary and install it via the prefix, KLayout "mostly" works. I can't save .gds, but I can save .oas. This also occurs when I built the klayout module via install
However (interestingly), when I install the klayout Python module which Thomas Lima published on, things work. In that case, the (long) install time suggests that essentially the module is compiled just like python install.
Any idea why the provided file doesn't (maybe) enable the gds export (is this a plugin)?
Also, I copied the pymod/klayout directory into my site-packages, but this didn't work either, the .so files with the _ at the beginning of the file name weren't found.
Let me know if I can help debug this issue although given that the install works I have what I need.

Best regards, Erwin


  • Hi Erwin,

    the procedure is still under development and it's a painful process to get all platforms running. Thomas uses his own fork and we're syncing from time to time. I'm usually the one who breaks his MacOS builds with my Windows fixes, but we're converging ...

    The most recent candidate is cbda1b2210cb466f15bf537daa00d060e9fd99df and I'm confident this is working on Windows, MacOS and Linux.



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