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QT setting flags, possible difference between Qt4 and Qt5

Hi Matthias-

The line below works w/o issues on Klayout 0.25.4 & QT 5.6.2
However, on Klayout 0.24.10 & QT 4.8.2 I get "Invalid number of arguments (got 1, expected 0) in"
What is the reason for that? What is the right way to put it so it'll work on both versions?

Best regards,



  • Hi mikamar,

    please use 0.25.x which has this issue fixed. It's not related to Qt5 or 4, it's a problem in 0.24.x.

    And once you start using 0.25.x (0.25.4 is fine, but 0.25.5 is better), you should use the symbolic constants like you would do in C++:

    w = pya.QMainWindow()
    # or
    w.setWindowFlags(pya.Qt.Window | pya.Qt.WindowCloseButtonHint)
    # or 
    w.setWindowFlags(w.windowFlags | pya.Qt.WindowCloseButtonHint)
    # or this (windowFlags is treated as property):
    w.windowFlags = pya.Qt.Window | pya.Qt.WindowCloseButtonHint



  • Thank you!

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