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How to use signal and slot in Python plugin which will invoke pya.Qt

I'm now developing a plugin upon klayout in Python.

I have a class derived from pya.QWidget as following:

class MyWidget(pya.QWidget):
   def  __init__(self):
          self.pushbutton_one = pya.QPushButton(self)         

   def  clicked(self):

It seems the pyqt connect syntax does not work, I get an error.
So I try to use pya.QObject.connect(self.pushbutton_one, "2clicked()", self, "1clicked()"), but it does not work either.

so I wonder how could I use emit, Q_SIGNALS, Q_SLOTS, connect in python code which will invoke Qt interfaces exposed by KLayout.


  • edited November 2018

    Hi William,

    KLayout doesn't use pyqt. Signals can be bound directly to methods, so in fact no slots need to be defined.

    It's as simple as this:

    self.pushbutton_one.clicked = self.clicked


  • Hi, Matthias

    Now it works. Thanks for your comment.


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