Installation on RHEL 5 Platform

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Could you please provide me a dependencies for Klayout installation on RHEL 5,and also provide me a installation procedure for the same


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    Hallo saravanan,

    I don't have an rpm for RHEL 5 currently, neither do I have experience with installations on that system myself. Hence I can't provide simple installation instructions. If you need to do the build yourself, the minimum requirement is a Qt4 development package and the GNU C++ compiler collection. I would also strongly recommend a Ruby development package, preferably version 1.9 or higher.

    You'll find detailed build instructions on the "Download & Build" page.



  • Hi Matthias,
    May I know how to install Klayout into RedHat Linux?
    download Klayout , and rpm that file?
    I can't do that when I try to install Klayout rpm file.
    here is what my command
    rpm klayout-0.26.8-0.x86_64.rpm
    but , look like I need other option to make that....

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