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Request for adding an additional panel to selection window about "selection"!

I was having a problem with inserting an instance. The instance I inserted was selectable element by element without the hierarchy priority. I couldn’t move the instance as a whole.
I searched the setup deeply; but couldn’t find anything working until I came across with the “selection mode” panel in “basic editing” tab inside instance insertion/selection window. It took half of my day.
I strongly recommend developers to copy this option under the setup!


  • Hi OSMAN,

    Just decrease the maximum hierarchy level until you see the instance you want to move as a box. You can pick it then.

    Or enable "Select top level objects only" from the "View" menu. This will make only top level "objects" (hence cell instances) being selected instead of objects inside the hierarchy.

    And I'd suggest some reading to you: This will improve your chances of getting heard.


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