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want to generate script to open up gds file, show as new top, and run drcs

new to klayout scripting
I am not finding much on how to generate a script to open klayout and a gds file from a command line and run a script
the script will need to change the new top to a certain file, it will be known before running the script and can be updated or passed into the script before running. I am not too concerned about that, but do not know how to "show the new top"
once the new top if set, I need to run drcs.
then exit klayout or keep it open, do not care at this point


  • Hi John,

    how about running the DRC in a separate step, i.e.

    klayout -b -r your.drc
    # or:
    strmrun -r your.drc

    And afterwards opening the layout plus the report:

    klayout your.gds -m your.lyrdb

    Here is a sample for "your.drc":

    report("My DRC", "your.lyrdb")
    l1 = input(1, 0)
    l1.width(0.5).output("Width < 0.5")

    If you don't want to put fixed paths in the scripts, use variables:

    klayout -b -r your.drc -rd input_file=your.gds -rd db_file=your.drc

    with this DRC script:

    report("My DRC", $db_file)
    l1 = input(1, 0)
    l1.width(0.5).output("Width < 0.5")


  • after much data manipulation on my end I have something I can go forward with. thanks. one thing is I am running this via windows and used c:\ when klayout expected c:/ forward slash like unix.

    what I think I will do is generate the bat file to run and open klayout -e gds file -r lydrc file and add a customized header for the drc like cat it on to define my source top cell and report file. ie I believe I will have to generate a specialized drc file for each gds file anyway.

    thanks and I am sure I will need more help in the future

  • edited November 29


    KLayout also accepts backslashes for file paths, but when you enter them in a script, you have to be careful to use a double-backslash, as Ruby uses it as escape character in double-quoted strings.


    report("My DRC", "c:\\users\\matthias\\test.gds")

    On the command line (in -rd variable=c:\users\matthias\test.gds) you should be able to use backlash characters as usual.


  • ok, i will consider that. but i am good since it appears to work and do not want to muck anything up right now.

    But I am still having issues with top_cell, the drcs run on the cell I list as top_cell and gives results as expected but it reports to the output file the original top cell thus renders the file useless unless modified to the top cell I specify. ie if I open the gds file and go to step through drcs it resets to topcellklayoutchooses instead of the top cell I want mytopcell

    in lydrc file
    source ("Z:/1234.gds", "mytopcell")

    in output stored text file

    while running the script it keeps topcellklayoutchooses highlighted instead of changing the physical top cell.

    I can and will do so modify my output file to the mytopcell, but it would have been nice to find a way to physically change the top cell to mytopcell before running drcs.

  • Hi,

    you can chose among different options when you use the marker browser (that's the "context"). Push the "Configure" button to edit the options. I guess if you choose "current cell" it won't switch the cell.

    I agree that writing the original top cell into the .lyrdb file does not make a lot of sense. Maybe there are internal reasons for this. I'll need to check this. Thanks for giving that feedback.



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