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TIFF images are loading with many error messages on Windows Klayout0.25.x

Hi Matthias-

I'm getting a lot of error messages when loading a TIFF files on Windows Klayout0.25.x (happens on both Win10 & Win7)

The file loads finally but I have to dismiss ~50 error messages.

It does not happen on Windows Klayout0.24.x . It does not happen when loading JPEG file.

I wonder if other users have the same issue.

Happy holidays, Itamar


  • Hi Itamar,

    Qt comes with certain image reader plugins and I assume the issue is related to this. 0.25 is built using the gcc/MSYS2 combination and maybe the TIFF plugin is broken (or more sensitive). For 0.26 I can basically switch to MSVC 2017, but I don't know if the TIFF issue will be fixed then. And this switch will come with other risks.


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