non-selectivity of instances

Hi all,

I'm missing (or at least I didn't find a way) NOT to be able to select an instance - like it is possible e.g. in virtuoso.
I often have the problem, that in a design that consists of many instances/cells I don't want to select some of them when I mark the whole layout. I know that I can show or hide certain cells, but marking across the whole layout makes no difference - they are all selected then.
The idea is, that I want for example flatten maybe 490 of 500 cells and 10 cells not and it is very, very hard to mark (and therefore select) all cells in sum and find and deselect then manually the few cells I don't want have :-(. So the best way for cell activities would be not only to be able to hide/show cells but also to be selective/ not to be selective.

Or is there already way I didn't see/find, yet??

Thanks and very best regards



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