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script : how to update layout view

edited December 2018 in Python scripting

Solved - GUI gets updated after DCplxTrans update of x,y

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  • edited December 2018

    I finally get my GUI updated but if I run a flatten command on the Array the original x,y position is taken. Do I miss a step to update the new x,y position the database?

    My steps are:
    trans = pya.DCplxTrans(newX,newY)
    inst.transform(trans) #move the selected instances
    topCellIndex = layout.top_cell().cell_index()
    Finally I check some conditions and based on the result I add the instance to a list to be deleted.

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  • Got it - required to reset the active_cellview().layout().

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  • Hi Andy,

    I can help if I see the actual code - specifically where the layout object comes from.

    And you can use markdown for the code - just place triple backticks before and after the code.


  • edited December 2018

    Hello Matthias,
    Thanks a lot for your support.
    My mistake was a quite ordinary one - I used globals()['layout']=layout to store a layout object as a global var in another part. This was in conflict with my layout object used in another ....python module.
    Got it running ... bricking in a Wafer Shot works now.
    I'm very curious to see your python standalone module working (found on github). I could move the development into my spyder environment ... and make use of it in other SW using the ipc channel.

    Best Regards and thanks a lot for all your work and support you spent the past year.

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