SFTP object in Klayout

Happy Holidays Matthias!

Is there a Klayout/Qt object I can use for SFTP file transfer?
Can I add somehow this additional functionality?

The firewall at my work does not allow the package manager to connect to any outside websites so I don't think I can do it thru the package manager.

Thanks, Itamar


  • Hi Itamar,

    one way to overcome firewall constraints is to set up an internal replica of the package index server plus a source for the packages themselves. It's easy if you're able to set up a Subversion server inside your closed network.

    You can them put some packages on this server and let your users connect to this instead of the public package index. This way you can supply some (or even your own proprietary) packages to your users.

    SFTP will be some effort to implement - the only protocol supported is WebDAV which is HTTPS based.



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