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Hi Matthias,

I read this is now supported (in 0.21.12) layer list, as well as layer name, but I don't see it? The new option in settings was enabled by default, and I've tried toggling it. Does this feature work for GDSII files and existing LYPs, or is there somehing else I need to do?




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    Hi Brendan,

    maybe I was not specific enough - this only applies to the display of the database layer names. The specific issue was the display of OASIS files with named layers in it. In that case, the layer and datatype was not displayed, but rather the name. This was annoying since the layer and datatype is a useful information too.

    I you rename a layer in the layer list, you basically assign an alias to the layer, but do not change the database layer name. The alias is displayed as always, it's just the display of the non-aliased layer that has been changed. BTW: there is a little trick that allows to embed the layer and datatype into the alias name as well: just use "$L" for the layer and "$D" for the datatype ...

    Sorry for the confusion. Best regards,


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    Hi Matthias,

    Okay, understood thanks. For one moment I thought maybe you had actioned an earlier request (to allow toggling of layer and datatype display to be temporarily displayed in addition to the regular aliasses)...

    Cheers, Brendan.
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