Automatically reload changed GDS file without prompt?

I'm creating layout files with an external script and would like to use KLayout for visual feedback. It actually works well but I'm asked each time if I want to reload the layout when the GDS gets changed. Is there a way to disable the prompt and let KLayout reload the layout as soon as it detects a change?


  • Hi tok,

    we had this discussion here already.

    I actually tried to implement this feature but there is a serious issue: usually writing a GDS file takes some time. But the file will be recognized as modified just after the file started to be written. If KLayout reads the file then, it usually is corrupt because just the beginning was written. In the worst case the file is readable, but parts are missing. So in the end, KLayout does not have a way to detect whether a file has finished writing or whether something else is wrong.

    So this feature almost always lead to corrupt readouts (at least for less-than-trivial layouts). I found that hardly useful, so I dropped that idea.


  • Ok. I see. I didn't think about this issue.

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