Request: "Make Cell" preserve global origin

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One thing that keeps tripping me up is the Selection > Make Cell function, it sets the Cell's origin to the "center" of the object's extents rather than the (0,0) at the time the command was invoked, which means that you can't instance the cell into a well-known location very easily. This currently requires me to go and move all the objects within the cell to restore the origin to the previous coordinates (or use copy/paste into manually created cell instead).
If "Make Cell" were able to make the Cell's origin still be the same as prior to invoking the command, the function would be considerably more useful (to me at least). I am routinely overlaying multiple cells by typing in their instance:position-of-cell-origin, so having the cell origin coordinates change makes this difficult.

Thanks, the copy/paste workaround works well anyway.
-- Demis


  • FWIW, I agree.
    I also would be interested by an improved "Adjust origin" function, where the user could point and click for setting the desired origin.

  • Hi all,

    I'd appreciate if you could file tickets for these requests on GitHub. There is a bigger chance that someone may find it and add this feature.



  • (for historical reference, this was addressed and fixed on this Github issue:

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